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Everything you need to know about crystal pillows


Everything you need to know about our crystals and products.

Dear customer!

First of all, thank you for you are here “with us” and wanting to shop :).

While this may seem incredible in today’s world, our website and products were created primarily to help and help others heal.

Therefore, we do not work with stones of uncertain origin purchased from third parties!

Most of our healing stones come from Africa, India and Brazil.
Obtaining these stones is not an easy thing to do.
Unfortunately, a lot of painted and counterfeit stones can be obtained in the Chinese shop today, but unfortunately also on many Hungarian websites.

We strive to work with quality original stones, non-polished stones that are not treated with chemicals and do not break down their original structure.

Therefore, it usually takes time to get the stones, not all stones are in stock, there are stones that are basically a rarity, so the production time can be up to two to three weeks, but there are times when it takes a month and a half. After the order, we will inform the buyer by e-mail if the stone is expected to be purchased and the product produced.

Please note this when ordering.

Within a day or two of your order, our colleague will contact you by email or phone and let you know when the product will be ready.

Thank you for your understanding and trust that it is also important for you to buy a stone that will really help you eliminate the problems that arise.

Feel free to place your order and wait patiently, gladly for the helping stone, believe me, it is no coincidence that you are here, because it already signals the next level of your spiritual development:)